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You are part of the Mount Qaf Exploitation Project. Months ago, your corporate backers discovered something marvelous. Something miraculous. A method to tunnel into another realm, into the legendary Mount Qaf, the barrier between the worlds of man and djinn. An opportunity to connect with another species! To leapfrog our understanding of metaphysics! History! Ourselves! A thing with unlimited potential to advance the human condition!

Naturally, you started doing horribly unethical science experiments and bickering over funding. This will probably kill you, and it’ll probably suck, but that isn’t important.

What is important is this: When they pick over the ruins of this horrorshow, you will have named the creatures gnawing at your bones.

This Is My Final Recording is a rules-light game that aims to create the apocalyptic logs so common in video games and found footage media. You play the employees of the Mount Qaf Exploitation Project as your capitalistic over-reach results in terrible and unknown creatures that try to murder you. It is designed to be easily playable through the restrictions of social distancing guidelines, with letters, emails, and text communications all valid modes of play.

My logo was made by DadasDesigns.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This Is My Final Recording 1.01.pdf 400 kB

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Community Copies


These free copies are for those who don't want to stretch their budget on the base game. Additionally, due to the Coronavirus outbreak at time of release, I've added fifty community copies for those cooped up at home and looking for entertainment.

As the game sells, more Community copies will be added to the pile.

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