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Look, it happens. Periodically, a bear murders someone and takes over their online identity in the search for snacks, companionship, and remote networking opportunities. Sure, being married to a 700-pound bear who ate and replaced your spouse is annoying but, like the common cold, it’s something we all live with. 

Bear Acquaintances is a slice of life epistolary game inspired by We Bare Bears and Gail Simone's Bear Incident on twitter. But with more casual murder. Play normal humans, bears pretending to be humans, and less normal humans pretending to be those bears and send comfy letters and well-meaning advice to each other.

Also, the hilarious consequences of that advice.

This game is part of the #SaveThePost Jam.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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A phenomenal game of social deduction, murder, impersonation, and bears.

You play by writing letters, asking for advice, and and giving updates on how that advice went.

Also, maybe you're a bear who has eaten and replaced a human, and every time the advice involves murder, you have an easier time with it.

And maybe the person on the other end is a human, trying to find out if you're a bear, by giving you advice focused on murder and seeing how that goes for you.

Or maybe you're both humans pretending to be bears pretending to be human, and the whole exercise is a bunch of smokescreening distracting you from the real bear.

It's a blast.

It does play slow, unless you take it to a discord or something, but it's a super concise, super flavorful design, and I'd enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who likes werewolf/mafia/etc or other social deduction games and doesn't mind playing stuff out over a few weeks instead of an hour.